The Knowledge Collective – Starting with WHY

Knowledge Collective is a hub for financial services professionals to learn, connect & share.

By connecting with like-minded business people who understand the challenges faced in this ever-changing industry, you will find the information, experience and motivation you need to keep delivering valuable advice and growing your business.


Knowledge Collective was created by a leadership team of financial services veterans who knew the power of collaboration within their own network.  These leaders successfully built a national financial services dealer group and knew the challenges of sharing knowledge to benefit the network.  They appointed a team with skills in new age technology and communication to build a platform which was easy to access, flexible to use and open source so that it would keep pace with developments.

“If one person shares a dollar with another,
There is still one dollar.
But if each person shares an idea,
They now both have two ideas.”

Tony Hartley

HOW knowledge collective WORKS

Sharing of knowledge is one of the most important values in our industry – whether as a business owner or an adviser who excels in their niche; an academic, an economist, a consultant or a product provider.  The great thing about our industry is that it’s full of people who have valuable information and tips they are willing to share!

Knowledge Collective enables business people to easily, generously and openly share their knowledge, ideas and expertise.  Everyone has some area of expertise which others can learn from (no matter how niche or small), and nobody can be an expert on every aspect of their business or the financial services industry. 

Every week a new episode delivers information via the Knowledge Collective; you can choose from a variety of ways to consume, at any time and on any device. 

You also have a choice of how you prefer keeping up to date on upcoming webinars – via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter…

If you miss the live webinar, we will send you the “In case you missed it” link so you can listen or view at a more convenient time.  You will even be able to search by topic or presenter if there is something in particular you seek.

About the webinars

Episodes will be delivered live and can be watched or listened to.

Presenters will be other financial advisers, business people, consultants, academics and industry experts.

Episodes are accompanied with information to download such as the presentation or transcript, speaker’s bio and related links.

If CPD points are awarded, you will be sent a link with a few short questions to answer after viewing the episode.  You can answer these questions on any device and your CPD points will be tracked and reported on.

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