The 3 estate planning mistakes you need to stop right now… and how to fix them!


How to improve Estate Planning conversations with your clients

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why testamentary trusts are such a powerful estate planning tool
  • Understanding that estate planning is so much more than just a will
  • How to re-shape your relationship with estate planning conversations and actually use estate planning in your business to make more money from your existing clients, while covering off on your risk

Supporting Documents


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9 Strategies To Overcome Estate Planning Inertia – (PDF 957kb)


Tara Lucke is not your typical lawyer, she only does estate planning, tax, asset protection, business succession, trusts and super. No disputes; No property stuff; Do not call me if you’re in an accident or in trouble!

If you want peace of mind about the protection of your wealth and its transition to the next generation, or if you need to optimise your business structure for asset protection and tax minimisation – Tara is your woman!

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