Adapting Your Offer with Bryan Robb


Bryan Robb will share with you how adapting his offer was “The best thing we’ve done.” Bryan explains how working with a business coach and going through the corporate profiling process allowed him to move to a fee for service, non-product based offering which has resulted in confidence, increased profit and certainty.

Bryan will share with you how:

    • Investing time and money into a business coach was the best thing Bryan ever did for his business.
    • Corporate profiling and restructuring can result in profit, confidence and the clarity
    • To understand your break even, profit point and to stop giving advice away for free.


Bryan Robb specialises in helping pre and post retirees to protect and leave a legacy for their families.

He’s all about helping those families find their own stories and breathe life into their dreams so they can feel certain about their future now and for those to come.

Bryan Robb
Bryan Robb Financial Planning
PO Box 274, East Maitland NSW 2323
Tel: 02 4934 5252 |( Mob: 0407 938 931 | 7 Fax: 02 4934 5233 | * Email:

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