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“If one person shares a dollar with one another, each still has a dollar.

But, if one person shares an idea with one another, then both now have 2 ideas (their idea and the other’s).”

Knowledge Collective is a hub for Financial Services Professionals to learn, connect & share knowledge, ideas, challenges & motivation.

We are committed to sourcing the right knowledge, for the right reasons, and giving it to the right people.

Knowledge Collective was first launched in 2015 as a solution to connect like minded people in the financial services industry, mainly financial advisers and business owners. We built a platform where financial services professionals could participate in live webinars, access previously recorded webinars and interact with industry experts and peers.

We found that the people in financial services have a common set of skills and challenges and that we are generous with sharing our knowledge. So, if we can share our experiences and knowledge with each other, we are all better for it.

While we have access to a variety of learning platforms, we love learning from our peers.

If you have an idea for a topic or speaker, please contact us.


Knowledge Collective was first launched in 2015 as a solution to connect financial advisers and business owners.  It was an online platform delivering weekly webinars delivered by finance industry professionals.

The original leadership team are financial services veterans who knew the power of collaboration within their own network.  These leaders had successfully built a national financial services dealer group and knew the challenges of sharing knowledge to benefit the network.  They appointed a team with skills in new age technology and communication to build a platform which was easy to access, flexible to use and open source so that it would keep pace with developments.


Sharing of knowledge is one of the most important values in our industry – whether as a business owner or an adviser who excels in their niche; an academic, an economist, a consultant or a product provider.  Everyone has something to share and something to learn.  The great thing about our industry is that it’s full of people who have valuable information and tips they are willing to share!


Our team is the heartbeat of the Knowledge Collective – we are Financial Advisers, Paraplanners, Accountants, Dealer Group team members, BDM’s, Corporate Partners, Consultants. We’re a team of passionate professionals who are driven to create a home for businesses to grow! Across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane we’re delivering an experience like no other, so you can love learning, connecting and sharing knowledge.

This is a platform for delivering on a core value of ours. The sharing of knowledge.



Georgia was part of the original team who built the Knowledge Collective, she is now building and sharing the Knowledge Collective with financial professionals who want to be part of a learning, growing and sharing community.  

Since the early 90’s Georgia has been applying a marketing framework to help businesses communicate – from big corporate to small business.  Georgia is also the Founder and President of Women of Influence a Not-for-Profit organisation focused on connecting professionals, operating since 2005.

Email: GeorgiaL@knowledgecollective.com.au

Phone: 0409 980 474


Knowledge Collective empowers financial services professionals to learn, connect, grow and share knowledge.

We empower individuals and businesses so they can enjoy providing advice while building a successful and enjoyable business.  

While we are always focused on growth and acceleration, we also seek to make a positive impact.


Knowledge Collective is a membership site, you will need to be part of a dealer group who has subscribed or you can gain access by contacting the Knowledge Collective Team.

Email admin@knowledgecollective.com.au for more information.




If you are already a member but are just not sure how to access the webinars and  recordings, please CLICK HERE to read the login instructions.

If you witness any form of hurtful behaviour please report it to admin@knowledgecollective.com.au


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