Month: June 2016

PHAROS Economic Forum – May 2016

Intro       PHAROS ECONOMIC FORUM Speaker 1: Welcome to the May Economic Market Forums. I’ll hand it over to Peter our chair in just a moment to introduce the speakers. Peter: Morning all. Today the first speaker we have is Olivia Ingel who’s the managing director and head of active quantitative equity for […]

PKC – WealthPortal Proactive SMA Model Portfolios

WealthPortal, an online platform that enables investors to consolidate their reporting across securities, funds, properties and more. In this presentation, you’ll learn about Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) and how they can contribute to your overall portfolio.        PKC SESSIONS – PROACTIVE MANAGED FUND MODELS SMA’S Dan: Good afternoon, my name is Dan Callow […]

CASS’s Wrap-up from Exponential Finance NYC 2016

Earlier in the week we circulated some videos summarising day 1 of the Exponential Finance conference in New York, hopefully some of you found it interesting.  I was originally planning on doing a day 2 video but have moved to circulating this piece on the entire conference, you will see there is some recap of […]

Cass’s wrap-up of Day 1

Tony Hartley and Cass Boyle attended the 2016 Exponential Finance Conference in New York City 2016. For Cass it was about stepping out of her day to day role in the business and in life to face the disturbing reality of innovation and how it affects consumers and their financial experience. Cass gives a summary of […]

Tony’s wrap up of Day 1

Tony Hartley and Cass Boyle attended the 2016 Exponential Finance Conference in New York City 2016.  Tony was invited to attend this thought leadership conference based on his White Paper “Adapt or Die”. Over the last 20 years there were 2 game changers internet and smart phones, in the next 20 years there will be 12 […]

Cass Boyle attends Singularity University 2016 in New York

Cass Boyle, Operations Manager for Madison Financial Group, has been given the opportunity to step outside the business and experience a world renowned conference.   Exponential Finance is an intensive 2-day conference that brings together a select group of leading executives, investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe to explore how exponential technologies are impacting business and […]

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