Month: November 2015

ARC Morningstar – Xray and Illustrator – November 2015

Join Geneveive Santos as she delves further into ARC Morningstar with Xray and Illustrator.      Genevieve has also provided some sample reports for you. They are: a Client Portfolio; a Current vs Proposed Portfolio example and a sample Illustrator Report.   Bethany:         This is Morning Star Portfolio and Portfolio X-Ray and Illustrator, presented by […]

Paraplanning – Our Outsourcing Solution

Join Judy Baker as she discusses the PHAROS Paraplanning solution for Madison Financial Group Advisors.    Paraplanning: Our Outsourcing Solution Judy:   Good morning to you all and thanks for taking the time out to listen to this presentation today. For those of you who were at the conference you will have seen this presentation then. […]

ARC Morningstar Introduction – November 2015

Introduction to the Morningstar Advisor Research Center by Genevieve Santos.    Genevieve:     I’m your training and relationship manager and today I will be going over the functionality of the Advisor Research Centre at a very high level. My contact details are on your screen just in case you’d like me to go into further depth […]