Marketing: What Others are Doing: Caren Hendrie from the Hendrie Group has undertaken many marketing strategies in her time. She is a regular presenter on community radio and today she presents an overview of what’s worked, what hasn’t and what the next 12 months holds.

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All right. I’m actually coming to you live from my beach shack at Phillip Island which is my office away from the office and where I like to get a lot of my work done.  What gives me the right to talk to you about marketing today because many of you know me as a Madison financial advisor?

Well I’m a partner in my family business that my dad started over 35 years ago and I’ve been a financial advisor for I think just over 21 years. Over the past few years my role shifted quite significantly more away from the day to day financial planning more towards practice management in particular to operations of systems as well as marketing. Our awesome senior financial advisor Michael Crowe has taken over most of the face to face advising. So I’m here today in my capacity as a marketing expert rather than a financial planner but I’m hoping that what makes today’s presentation different is that the marketing strategy that I’m going to share with you has been proving to work by a financial planner or by financial planners in a financial planning business. Really importantly they’re quite simple as well, because seriously how many times have you listened to a marketing expert or even a business advisor and you’ve thought, ‘Look that all sounds great but you’ve never lived in my world.’  You never dealt with a financial planning client and you’d never have to put up with the savage industry prep that I have.

Today’s presentation is about what works in a financial planning practice from a financial planner who has actually put these strategies in place and had a reasonable amount of success with them.  Now before we get started I want you to be able to squeeze as much juice out of today’s presentation.  After all you’ve given up an hour of your time,  I was going to say it’s all for nothing if you don’t get value out of it but I heard Bethany mention CPD points, I suppose they’re pretty good as well but can I get you now to  please grab a pen and paper.  You are going to need to take notes in this session and grab yourself a drink.  It’s important to keep hydrated while you are doing something like this for an hour. Probably not at this stage yet an alcoholic drink and especially as that’s a dehydrator but you know what, if that’s what tickles your fancy do that.

I’m also going to ask you to give yourself the gift that you give to every single client every day. That is to be able to work with no distractions just for the next hour or so. Get rid of anything that beats, that buzzes, that vibrates. Put a padlock on your door if you need to, to stop people from coming in and out. This is your hour to work on your business not in your business.  I want to get motivated because as I said you have given up an hour. Make it count, make it worthwhile.  Really bring A-game with you today.

All right let’s get into it a little bit more. Welcome to the session on the easy-peasy five step marketing plan and I can see a few more people have joined it, hello there. If this is your first knowledge collective session, welcome.  If you’re a veteran welcome come back.  Let me tell you how things are going to run.  I’m going to talk for no more than 45 minutes, and Bethany you’re going to keep me honest there, about marketing strategies that I’ve been taught then translated really well into our business. During that time I’m also going to ask you to complete a worksheet that Bethany will have sent you about an hour ago.  If you haven’t printed that out, can you do it right now or, even better, get somebody else to do it for you because we’re going to work through that as a practical exercise later in the session.  Then at the end of the presentation I’m going to answer any questions that you may have.  I want just to mention most financial planners absolutely suck when it comes to marketing.  I used to suck at marketing.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, even if you think it’s really basic it’s probably not and people will probably thank you for asking what they’re already thinking.

All right it’s time to get cracking.  Can I just get you on the right hand side of your screen, there’s a little question box where you can type in questions.  Can I just get you to typing the words ‘get cracking?’ Just so I know everybody is ready and pumped to go. Can you just write in ‘get cracking’?  Excellent.

All right yeah we’re ready to go.  All right fantastic.  Well let’s get cracking then.  All right so I mentioned before that most financial planners suck at marketing and that I used to be one of them.  I’d actually like to take it a step further if I may and say that there’s actually a lot of financial planners out there who don’t actually see the point or the value in marketing.  I’d like to address that straight away because that’s a real mindset issue that we need to be able to overcome. See on the screen there, there’s three facets of your business that are inextricably linked.

Marketing, operations and finance.  You can’t separate them. Focusing on any one of them or two of them through the detriment of the others could have really dangerous consequences.  You need all three for a successful business.  I’m going to ask a question of you again.  Jump back over to the right hand side of your screen. I want you to tell me who do you think is the world’s most recognised brand?  Okay can type in there and tell me who you think is the worlds’ most recognised brand. Okay. We’ve got Apple, yup. Somebody got that one right.  Oh yeah okay,  we’ve got two of the exact same ones coming up over and over again there.  Apple and Coke.  It is… Here’s the drum roll, beyond any doubt, hands down Coca-Cola because we’re talking about the entire world here.  It has been for a long time and I’ll be honest, I have a can of it sitting beside me right now.  Hang on a minute,  I’ll just take a sip…yes it’s delicious.

Now there has been a long standing battle for a long time. I guess that’s implied by long standing, with coke between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  You’ve probably all heard of the cola war. You probably also know that no matter how hard they try Pepsi just can’t win this cola war. They’ve always been the poor relation except one time at band camp. Sorry just had to throw that in there for any American Pie fans out there.  Being the most well recognized brand in the entire world.  The Coca-Cola board got together and you can probably understand why they decided to make a decision, if if they were the most recognized brand in the world why were they spending so much money on, and so much time and so much energy on marketing and advertising?  So what they decided to do was that that they would reduce and cut back their spend and their energies on marketing and advertising.  Guess what happened? For the first time in the entire history of the cola war, Pepsi beat them.

I put it to you if the number one most recognised brand in the whole world can’t afford to reduce its marketing, what chance do we stand?  You’re kidding yourself if you think your business is as successful as it can be if you’re not taking your marketing seriously. But time for some good news. If we know that marketing is integral to the success of our business but we also know that most financial planners are pretty bad at it, then what an awesome opportunity for us. It means we can only improve and you wouldn’t be on this webinar today unless you wanted to improve your business.  If you have the ideal business with as many clients as you needed and everything running perfectly then you wouldn’t have given up an hour of your precious time today.

We’ve agreed now because you can’t disagree with me that marketing is critical to our business success.  What I want to focus on now is the three keys to marketing success.  We’ve got here three keys to marketing success but you get even one of them wrong and it’s not going to be a pretty picture.  You’re going to have a hard flop with really lackluster results when you’re trying to attract new clients.  You’re going to be working with clients who aren’t ideal and guys we all know how draining that can be.  We’ve all got those clients where they ring or you see them in the diary and you think, ‘oh no here we go’ and it’s going to be ineffective strategy  which means that they just won’t pay the money in the bank account that you want to be able to build.  The real issue here is that you won’t be able to achieve the goals you have in place for yourself, for your business and for your personal life.  While you’ll be busy helping other people achieve their financial freedom you’re not actually achieving your own.

But that’s not good though.  Just so you get these three keys right well, you’re going to have more clients and that’s going to be a good thing.  Most importantly it’s going to be more of the type you want. Imagine if every day you came in to work and every client that rang you and every client that e-mailed you and every client that came in to see you was your ideal client.  Wouldn’t that put a smile on your face for most of the day and of course it’s going to be more effective and easiest for you to make loads of money.  What that really means is you can just focus on what I think is the perfect recipe for a business owner, doing a great job, being really well paid for it and also making a difference in people’s lives.  You can do that all at the same time as you’re achieving your own financial goals.

Let’s talk about these three keys.  What are they?

The first one is you need to simplify your strategy.  One of the greatest barriers to marketing success, actually I’d probably say to business success is overwhelm. When you get so bogged down because you’ve got so much to do, there is not enough time in the day and you got a hundred things going on in your head let alone things that you’re physically able to do. Can I just get people to raise your hands if you’ve ever felt that way, just totally overwhelmed by everything you could do, should do, need to do? We’ve got any hands there? Yes?

Okay you’re feeling my pain. I think we really do,  we have to feel like that at times. With marketing there are so many brilliant ideas out there that it’s hard to know where to start.  This is where simplicity and focus are your best friend rather than trying, what happens when we get overwhelmed?  What happens?  One or two things: We either do nothing or we do a lot of things but none of them particularly well.

Yes.  Simplicity and focus can become your best friend. I’ve just been explaining that focusing isn’t some esoteric principle.  There’s actually a physiological basis to focusing for when we want to achieve our goal and our brain needs us to do it. Without it we get confused and messy.  It causes friction in your business and that makes it hard to get anything done.  What you want to do is remove that friction and what better way to focus then have a crystal clear marketing plan in place. I’m going to walk you through that in your exercise shortly.

I mentioned that there are a zillion things that we’re all thinking about at any given time.  What things should we actually aim for rather than trying to do all those things we want to aim for reductionism in our business. Can I get a show of hands for any business owners who are listening today or not necessary business owners but any financial planners who would like what they do to be harder than it already is?

Funnily enough nobody is raising their hands on that one. No. What we do is hard enough already, we don’t need it to be any harder. Are there any gardeners listening today? Can you raise your hand if you’re a keen gardener? We’ve got any? Oh yes. Great okay great all right. You know about the concept of pruning. When you’re a keen gardener, you prune to promote growth.  You need to prune in your business as well. You need to get rid of some of that stuff that cluttering or clogging up your business to be able to promote growth.  Okay?  The more moving parts you have the more friction you have and the more that slows down your business.  Why do you think that being busy, I was so busy that you must be growing and so successful it can be actually very counterproductive.  What we want to do is focus on a smaller number of really valuable parts.  By the way I should mention here when I’m talking about your business you don’t have to be a business owner to be contributing quickly to the success of the business.  If you’re a revenue earner, if you’re a financial planner but you don’t own the business then you still have a vested interest in the growth of that business.

Steve Jobs. Now you’ve probably all heard of Steve Jobs before and you probably know that Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple for a while. When things started to go south they very generously invited him back.  One of the first things he did when he looked at their structure and he identified that they had over one hundred different products. The first thing he did after that he culled them from over 100 products to four products.  Can you believe that? Over 100 to four.

There was an entry level notebook, a premium note book and entry level desk top and a premium desktop.  What a massive pruning.  Now if you look even at the mobile phone.  Nokia has over 150 different types of mobile phone compared to the Apple. Apple who have the market share but how many phones do Apple have? One. They have the iPhone. It’s not just about market share.  How much do easier must it be for Apple to run their business, to market their products, to employ people when they’re focusing on a limited number of products?  If it was good enough for Apple do you think maybe it might be good enough for us?

We were talking here about changing what’s important in your business just getting rid of some of the branches that are getting in your way, you want to simplify that first key to any marketing strategy is keeping it simple. Choose one area where you want to market,  focus on it and stay fully committed.

The second key is you need to create leverage.  Don’t try and reinvent the wheel here with your marketing. Start with what you’re already doing. Something that you already doing in your business, something you’re already working on, something you might be already measuring, something that you’ve already put in the hard yards.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Just tweak and refine something that you’re already doing that you’ve already had some results for and just blow it out of the water, smash it.  What you want is an improvement rather than invention.

I have a mantra in what I do and I probably say this every day to myself and to my team.  I’d like you to write this down if you can guys. Can you play please write down the words ‘do the hard work once’. All right?  Do the hard work once then leverage from it over and over again. This is a very powerful business model: Leverage.  It’s part of the easy-peasy five step marketing plan I’m going to show you soon.  I’m going to encourage you not just to leverage from your hard work but other peoples’ hard work as well.

The third key to a successful marketing strategy is you need to implement it violently. Can I just get a show of hands here again who’s been to a session before whether it’s a webinar or workshop, maybe a session at the Farrel’s conference where you’ve come away from it with so many brilliant ideas and you can’t wait to get started and you’re super pumped and then you walk out of the door, life starts back again and you don’t implement a single thing.  Can I get a show of hands for anybody where that’s happened?  Yeah.  I’m getting some hands going up here.  Yep, yep.  It has certainly happened to me guys and that was a big mistake.

There is no… Can I get you to write this one down as well, it’s another one of my little gems. There is no value in an idea until it is implemented.  Right? You have to implement that idea for it to have any value. I’m hoping that today will be a little bit different, that you’ll go back and you will implement at least something from this session. You might be wondering why I have said implement violently?  Now I’m not talking about throttling your clients here although you know from time to time you might want to do that.

What I mean is that you need to make it happen now. Don’t wait for it to be perfect just get it started. That is something that as financial planners we do tend to be perfectionists but you can’t afford that in marketing.  Now we had good old General Patton who’s there on the Time magazine now.  Once of his famous quotes is “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”  A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.  Now you can probably guess what I’m about to say here.  If it was good enough for General Patton, it’s good enough for us.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Yes.  The reason for that is because guys this is something proven.  People much smarter than me have put this stuff into practice and have had absolutely amazing results.

All right. I’ve got another thing for you to write down please and this is one to live by. Don’t let perfect get in the way of better. Don’t let perfect get in the way of better. Guess who taught me that one?  Years ago when I used to be a perfectionist, it was our esteemed leader Tony Hartley? Don’t let perfect get in the way of better.

Ok so that’s the theory, the three keys. Simplify your process, create leverage and implement violently because the thinking about a marketing plan for ages is just not going to do anything for you.  What I want to do now is take you through my marketing plan.  The one that I use for myself. You see we have so many marketing ideas.  They’re thrown at us nearly every day and we get excited about them but we rarely actually do them because we’re overwhelmed. They’re just too many.  What we boil it down to and I what to teach you today is the five ones.  Why have we chosen one?  I didn’t choose one is the marketing strategy that I’ve been taught, it’s because the number one it’s the magic number to simplicity.  Isn’t it? Whereas most of us had some many balls in the air, whereas we’d be much more successful, let alone less stressed, if we had a scaled and leveraged formula to our marketing.  We’re financial planners, tell me we don’t love a formula.

I’m going to give you a formula for the five ones. Guys if you apply this formula, it is going to be a game changer for you and your business. That’s my promise to you. All right. Grab your worksheets please?  Everybody got their worksheet? Can you put your hand up if you’ve got your worksheet in front of you? Great okay. You’ve got your worksheet, you’ve got your pen, well lets go through the five ones. You’ll see them as upside down triangles. Can you write in the top of your worksheet in the top part of the triangle there ‘one person.’ Okay? ‘One person.’  What are we talking about with one person? I’m talking about a target market.  I appreciate that having a target market or having a niche can be a scary concept but I wouldn’t be talking to you about it today if it didn’t work.  In fact you have to get your head around this. If you want to really take your business, your financial planning, your career to the next level you need to accept and appreciate that you need to be targeted in your marketing.  That doesn’t mean you can’t serve everybody but when it comes to spending money, time, energy on your marketing it needs to be a very targeted. I was no different when I first learned about this concept of target marketing. I was really nervous because I thought that by narrowing my focus, I’d be isolating half the market and therefore getting half the opportunity.  The opposite is actually the case. Once I got this, my opportunities significantly increased and that was by narrowing and focusing my market because I was able to learn their language. I knew what they wanted, where they hung out, I’ve got super focus. I started to attract that market to me and they started to come to me because I knew I could understand them and their problems better than they can.  I’m going to talk about the problem in a moment but before I do I just want to go back to this. People smarter than me do this.  We talked about Coca-Cola before.  Do you reckon maybe Coke employ incredible marketing geniuses into their company?

Yes. I reckon they pay their marketing team a huge amount.  We are talking here about the company that re-branded Santa.  They know what they’re doing. Do Coke market to everyone? Do Coke market to middle-aged women sitting running a seminar with a can of Coke on their table?  No. They’re not marketing to everybody. Who are they marketing to? The fine young teens.  Right? Who is Coke marketing to? The beautiful people, the people who love life, who are energetic, who want to be cool, who want to be good looking. All right? That’s who they market to. That doesn’t mean that they only serve that type of market because I’ve got that can of Coke on my table right now but they still filled me but they don’t bother marketing to me. They market to their niche.  Has that been successful guy,  what do you reckon? They are the most recognised brand in the world so of course it’s been successful.  I just want to say again, if it’s good enough for Coke surely it’s good enough for our business.

All right so back to that one person. We want to be each inch wide, mile deep with our target market because half the problem is as financial planners we are trying to serve everyone and that’s hard work. It’s really tricky when you have multiple target markets.  It’s much easier when you have a straight line marketing plan that goes directly and impacts your target market.  You want to have to think about who do you want to be a hero to?  What demographic?  What sort of industry? Who’s the person? Who’s the target market that you’re ideally suited to serve? You see what happens when you know the target market? Something really powerful happens, some really powerful knowledge.  You can then work out from there what is their big arse problem?

Can you please write that in the top line there for me as well, ‘big arse problem.’ If you’re not a potty- mouth like me then you can just write BAP but that’s what we need to know because we are in business of providing a solution.  How on earth can we provide a solution if we don’t even know what their problem is and if we’re trying to serve everybody we can’t provide a solution.  We have to know who we’re serving so that we can then provide the right solution to their big arse problem.  You need to think about who is your ideal client and what’s their big arse problem because then you can move to the next section and I want you to write in the next section: One promise.

Your promise is to solve a problem, because if we know the person and we know their problem then we can make them a promise to keep them on track.  What’s the one thing you know with any doubt you can offer to help your target market that appeals to them?  That is going to help them reach their goal?  What is the itch that you can scratch? I really think about this quite basically often in my…  Well I’ll ask you now if you can pop it in your question box now.  What is the itch that McDonald’s scratched?  Right?  Who is their target market? What is their promise to their target market?  What itch do they scratch? I’ll give you a couple seconds there to write something in there.  Got any ideas yet? What itch does McDonald’s scratch? Got fast food, labor anything else? Yes convenient. Okay yes. Let’s get more basic. What is the real itch that they are scratching? Get really… Yes hunger. Good work okay. Consistency that’s true as well. Yes hunger is exactly what I was looking for but thank you very much for that Kylie. All right.

Get down to basics what is the solution that you are selling to solve your target market problem? What is it that you specifically do to help them solve their problem? I will give you a hint guys.  It’s just what you do every single day but the problem is we have become unconsciously confident.  We are so good at what we do that we have now forgotten how to articulate that to our clients. Its second nature to us but our prospects need to know what it is we can do for them.  We need to slap them in the face with it if they can’t get it but you need to be able to articulate the one solution that you can really easily offer to your target market.

All right then can you write in the next section:  One conversion tool.  A conversion tool. What am I talking about? A way to promote your service to your target market.  We could be the best financial planner in the world. We could be so amazing with an amazing strategy but if nobody knows about it, if nobody knows the problems we can solve, it’s not much point. Is there? You need to choose how are you going to get your message out there? How are you going to get as many of your target market to find out about you fast? All right. You might be thinking events, webinars, workshops, free one-on-one session.  Is it a special offer? Are you presenting for certain groups? Are you collaborating? Isn’t a series of e-papers? Is it free Skype calls that you offer? The thing is though is to narrow it down just to one and really rock it because right at this moment I suspect in your business as was the same in mine is that you put a whole heap of conversion tools and none of them are really doing anything much for you.  What you want to do is choose one and do it incredibly well.

I’ll just digress a little bit here and share with you two that have worked really well in our practice.  The first one is ‘sort leadership’.  Now you might have heard that term before. It’s sounds little bit wanky but it’s been based on its idea that we have become quite a tribal society. Look at social media that will give you the answer to that one. We want to be led by people.  We want to deal with experts. We want to deal with specialists and so what you can do to cash in on this sort leadership marketing is have content-driven marketing. That might be a blog, brochures, e-papers, nice and cheap because it’s electronic but the idea there is that the value behind sole leadership is that you’re positiong yourself as an expert and everybody wants to work with an expert. As financial planners, we are really good at educating people and we teach them a lot. What you have to be careful of with these particular type of strategy though is not overloading people with too much.  It’s what I call soft teach.

I can’t go into that too much today but if anybody wants to talk more about soft teach then grab me at the conference but you have to find that balance.  My business says to me Karen, you’ve got the cookie. Your prospect can look at the cookie, they can touch the cookie.  They can even taste the cookie but until they start paying, they’re not allowed to have the cookie.  With your content marketing what you want to focus on there is the why and the what, identify their case and let them know what they should be doing but not how they should be doing it.

The other thing that’s worked for us and probably works for you too is workshops. I’ll deliberately used the word workshop there not seminar.  I think people are weary of the word seminar, they think they’re going to be sold time shares.  I make sure that what we offer now to our prospects are workshops where we can actually engage them.  We have exercises that they do during it that can make sure that can relate back to their circumstances.  Again that could be a whole other session but if you want to know some more about workshop please come and let me know. I run a workshop just about a week and a half ago and I had 28 appointment requests afterwards. If anybody does want that strategy I’ve got a nine point framework that I’ve been taught to run a workshop that I’d be very happy to share with other people.

All right so why are workshops great? Because it’s one to many. You can self-track how many people you can get in front of one-on-one. It’s very time consuming. Yes you want to get to one-on-one eventually but you want to warm them up.  You want to give them a bite sized taste of what you do in a risk free way. It’s a chance for you to get in front of warm prospects because they’ve made a decision to be there and so you’re serving them rather than chasing them.  You get in front of the right type of people because again they’ve chosen to be there.  They get to have a feel for who you are and what you do and this positions you as an expert.  By the time they’re coming to see you, they’re already sold. Okay?  It does position you as an expert because who in their right mind would get up in front of a group of people and talk unless they really knew this stuff. If you can do that well it will have an amazing result for you because the audience will have the confidence that you are really good at what you do and attribute to you as being able to help them with their problems.

Something else to write down here guys.  If you can articulate your target market’s problem or your prospects’ problem better than they can, they will automatically credit you with the solution. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure you know who your target market are and you know what it is that you can offer to help them with their problems.  If you can articulate their problems better than they can, they will automatically credit you with the solution.

All right. Yes, there’s plenty of things you can do to get your message out there. There’s two that I know have worked really well for us and choose one.  Okay? Don’t worry about all that other stuff, leave all that other stuff out there on the fringe but smash the one that you choose.

Now I want to talk about something really important.  Choose one lead channel where you’re going to source your target market. I want to suggest to you that a great way to do this is through strategic alliances. In fact some of you might have heard of an absolute marketing gurus called Jay Abraham. There’s nothing that man does not know about marketing and he was asked one day ‘if you lost your business and you had to rebuild that business from scratch using one marketing strategy what would it be?’  Without any hesitation he said referral partnership.  That’s where that leverage comes from I was talking about before, not just do the hard work once let them do the hard work.  If you can partner with somebody who was already working with your target market, whose always spent years and years and thousands maybe tens of thousands of dollars building relationships with your target market.  That works on something called trust transfer.  When they transfer a trust that they’ve been given by their client over to you and that rapidly accelerates the speed at which you can build relationships.  This is probably the most important strategy. Again I could spend a whole session on this and I’m going to at the conference.  If you’re interested in this, if this makes sense to you there are five golden rules that you must get get right when you are trying to approach or work with a referral partner. If you’ve been in referral relationships before that haven’t worked or just haven’t come off, chances are either you or the referral partner or both have broken one of those five rules. If you want to come along to my session at the conference, I will definitely share those rules with you and give you some cracking ideas as to how  really make referral relationships work because that is incredible leverage to be able to do that. But again don’t choose a whole heap of them, choose one industry type.  I know we are financial planners we’ve been told all the time work with lawyers, work with accountants, work with, mortgage brokers, bank managers whatever, choose one because if you choose one you can really get to know them and hone in, I don’t just necessarily mean one person there but one type of person and make it really easy.

Okay. The last thing after lead channels, hopefully you’ve written down one lead channel and then I want you to write in that last box ‘One Year.’ The challenge I’m going to put to you today is to one year for your marketing.  Not your business I’m not talking about your business here, I’m talking about your marketing. For one year market to one person, one target market.  You know anything you need to know what their big arse problem is.  I’ve got an exercise for that too by the way to be able to help you help you identify that. You want to know that, your one person and what is it? What is it that you’re doing your business really well that you can promise them?  What is your solution and how are you going to articulate that to your target market?  Because if you can’t articulate that yourself how is your target market ever going to hear it? Okay? What is your marketing message going to be? What are you going to promise to solve for them? One conversion tool.  Don’t worry about all other a hundreds of things that people are telling you to do. Choose one that you’re really good at.

As I said thought leadership and workshops have worked incredibly well in our business but choose one and then put all your energies into it.  One lead channel just choose one type of person. Don’t… Because somebody has a heart beat doesn’t make them a good referral source. Okay? Choose one alliance partner who’s already working with your target market and has already spent all that time building their relationship and leverage from their trust transference and do that for one year and guys I promise you results.

I hope that helped. Guys can I ask you could you put your hand up and just let me know has that been valuable today?  Yeah. Oh good. I’m so glad that people are putting their hands up. I know it’s hard in a short amount of time but I just wanted to bring you some practices that have really worked in our financial planning business.  At the conference if anybody wants to come and talk to me further about any of this I’d be delighted to be able to talk about it.

Can I ask you what was the biggest take out for you today? Can you pop in the question box there?  What’s the biggest take out for you today? What’s most resonated with you? Anyone?  Nothing resonated?  No one likes me?  It was all just really bad? Focus.  Yeah. Target market, great Phillip. If I can get target market as the main thing you got out today that would be brilliant because it will change your business. Yes.  How to think.  Yes great do one thing only.  One lead channel, Shane you need to come to my presentation at the conference.  I’ll rock it for you I promise. You’ll walk away with some great ideas on how to make a life partnership work even if it hasn’t in the past. Thank you very much  for that Darren, that’s fantastic. All right now I just want to share with you before we go into questions something really important because I haven’t always been great at this. Up until 12 months ago I would have said I was very good when it came to marketing and that my results were very good.  In the past twelve months I feel that I’ve really moved from very good to excellent when it comes to marketing with excellent results. As I said, a week and a half ago 28 appointment requests most of which are already booked in ready to come and see me.  I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet there, in fact quite the opposite. I just want to explain that one of the reasons for that that is that we engaged a business coach that was just over twelve months ago now and I’ll just put him up on the screen here. His name is Steve Salvia and the reason why I’m promoting him today is because he’s actually going to be speaking at the conference and I’d really encourage you if you are in this session today it means you’re have an interest in this area. If you’ve enjoyed today you will love Steve.  He’s absolutely fantastic.  You will walk away from any session with him with value and at the same time it will be very interactive and entertaining but you’ll definitely get value out of his sessions.  If you’re going to attend don’t be late because you won’t want to miss anything and bring your pen and paper and expect to take lots of notes. I’d be very happy if anybody is thinking about this is as a way to go to have a bit of a chat to you as a client of his because I know that it’s all very well for him to say that he’s good but if you want to have a chat from me as well and I’m happy to personally introduce you as well.

Anyway that’s just a bit of an idea if you’re really looking at taking your business up a notch which is what I feel we’ve really done over the past twelve months with Steve.

Alright, now does anyone have any questions for me? Bethany would you be able to take on any questions for me and I’ll try and answer them as best as I can.

Bethany:          Absolutely. If anyone has got any questions and you’d like to speak directly to Karen, I can un-mute you individually and you can have an actual conversation as opposed to typing it out.

Karen:              So what they need to do is maybe raise their hand?

Bethany:          Yeah.  Oh Chris has a question. He wants to know, what is your target market?

Karen:              Okay all right. Small business owners with families in the age group of 30 to 45 that’s our target market and in the building and construction industry. That’s something we really honed in from being… We used to feel like, ‘oh well we have target market of business owners.’ Well that was a pretty broad business for a target market.  We weren’t speaking directly to them whereas now we’ve got a demographic and an age group. That doesn’t mean we don’t serve other people.

Retirement planning is still one of our… The biggest things that we do but in our marketing that’s who we’re targeting because that where we feel we at the most value, that’s who we want to be a  hero to from both the accounting and financial planning side of thing.  Hope that helps Chris.

Bethany:          Anyone else got a question? No?

Karen:              We might be getting an early mark. I’m hoping if nobody has questions, that means I have answered a lot of them.  I do appreciate that you had a lot to take in in the small amount of time. If you do have any questions, please let Bethany know now.  Otherwise yeah you’ll find me at the conference. I’m the crazy chick with the bright red hair.

Bethany:          Sorry Cate. Chris has another question. He wants to know what was your event on?

Karen:              Sorry?

Bethany:          What was your event on?

Karen:              Okay. Believe it or not I was talking there in my capacity as a business mentor rather than a financial planner and it was on my referrals session that I’m doing at the conference.  It was pretty much that type of presentation.  It was on referrals and how to build a referral partnerships. I guess there were a lot of people in the room that thought what I had to say was reasonable. Please come along, I’d hate to be in a room by myself that was so embarrassing. You can do it on anything.  It wasn’t so much the topic, the fact of the matter is if you’ve got your target market your topic will be interesting to them because you will pick something that is of interest to them. That’s where this nine-point framework that I have… It really works well because you’re targeting the right people, you’re warming them up beforehand.

We also must say I was involved in their marketing beforehand. It was a charity event and I’m quite close to this charity and so I asked them if I could do their marketing for them to help them out. They actually got the biggest of attendance to any event that they’ve ever run from that marketing. Again it’s a strategy that’s proven. I’m not going to sit here and talk about things that I don’t know work.  Yes. It’s not nessecrily the topic, you’re target market will be interested in your topic.

Thanks for listening to today’s episode. For more information join us at