In Case You Missed It

Delivered by experts in their field the Knowledge Collective webinars cover a range of topics to assist you in the management of your business. These topics vary in a wide range of subjects such as investment strategy, research, performance and economic updates; practice development, operations, technology, process and paraplanning; risk, professional standards and compliance; marketing and communication.

We know your schedules are busy and our live webinars might not be running at a time that is suitable for you to attend. For this reason all Knowledge Collective webinars are stored here so you are always able to access the huge range of informative and educational recordings.



PIC Economic & Financial Markets Forum

Date: 15/06/17

Duration: 40min

Open to all advisers who are interested in the latest market and economic news. Run by James Purvis and Peter Mullens.

Tax Practitioners Board – Company or Partnership Registration Renewal

Date: 14/06/17

Duration: 30min

The deadline for the renewal of your company or partnerships registration to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)

OPEX – SMSF Advice Training

Date: 13/06/17

Duration: 1hr 20min

Join Jason Hempel from Opex Consulting as he shows how to produce an SOA with the objective of Establishing a SMSF.

Human Capital Part IV: Pricing & Capability

Date: 1/06/17

Duration: 30min

Funding Growth & Identifying the Right Resourcing Requirements

Morningstar Adviser Research Centre Training

Date: 30/05/17

Duration: 30min

Join Elle Kuhta from Morningstar as she takes us through the different areas of the Adviser Research Centre showing you and your staff how best to use this tool.

PHAROS Economic & Financial Markets Forum – PineBridge Investments

Date: 25/05/17

Duration: 1hr

Agam Sharma - Managing Director, Portfolio Manager contributes to developing the firm’s Capital Market Line and Multi-Asset Strategy, and participates in portfolio implementation efforts.

Where to from here for Australian Listed Property Investors: Listed & Unlisted Sectors

Date: 17/05/17

Duration: 30min

Listen to 2 highly respected fund managers in both the Listed & Unlisted Property Sector on their views on finding value in today's market.

Issues with winding up and SMSF

Date: 11/05/17

Duration: 1hr

At some stage an SMSF comes to the end of its life cycle and there is a requirement to wind it up.

Insurance Committee Industry Update

Date: 3/05/17

Duration: 15min

Join Sue Laing from The Risk Store plus members of the Madison Insurance Committee to discuss what's new in the industry. Focusing on recent legislation to FOS/CIO rulings and claims processing this is a purely Insurance based conversation

PHAROS Economic & Investment Markets Forum April

Date: 27/04/17

Duration: 30min

Open to all advisers who are interested in the latest market and economic news. Run by James Purvis and Peter Mullens with a variety of industry experts as special speakers.

Human Capital Management Part III: Best Practice Tips & Tricks

Date: 6/04/17

Duration: 30min

Over the last 2 webinars we discussed in detail the steps to creating an effective organisation structure; we covered some tips on successful

Human Capital Management Part II: Performance Management

Date: 30/03/2017

Duration: 23min

Is your business consistently displaying symptoms of high team morale, high levels of staff engagement, role accountability and low frustration & anxiety amongst staff?

Opex – Advice Presentation Training

Date: 24/03/17

Duration: 25 min

Opex Webinar Series - Presented by Jason Hempel, this webinar will run through the SOA Advice Presentation and how to generate it.

Insurance Committee Industry Update

Date: 22/03/17

Duration: 17 min

Join Sue Laing from the Risk Store plus members of the Madison Insurance Committee to discuss what’s new in the industry.

OPEX – Insurance SOA Training

Date: 21/03/17

Duration: 1.15 hr

Opex Webinar Series - Presented by Jason Hempel from Opex Consulting, the purpose of this webinar is to run through an Insurance Only SOA from start to finish.

OPEX – Managed Field Content Training

Date: 20/03/17

Duration: 30 min

Opex Webinar Series - Managed Field Content is the XPLAN name for ‘Template Text’. In all of the Opex Wizards you can upload and manage your own Managed Field Content, uploading this text can provide significant efficiency gains to staff in your office.