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Using video in your business

  An introduction to Why, how and what videos you can use in your business with marketing manager, Georgia Lane. Georgia looks at producing your own, outsourcing and buying already produced videos and also platforms you can use.  To view presentation please click HERE


An introduction to the Opex and Xplan offering including a demonstration of the site presented by Paul Campbell, Director of Opex Consulting and Jaime Johns, National Practice Development Manager for Madison Financial Group. Paul and Jaime provide a high level overview of the key features, inefficiencies and what the documentation will look like. The following documents […]

The Why and How of Intergenerational Advice

Zurich presents the advice opportunities for financial planning. Download the PDF Version : [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#e96656″ icon=”icon: file”]Download[/su_button] Thank you for joining us today and I’ll now hand you over to David from Zurich. Thanks, most of you guys would have met me at some stage or have stopped into the office. Zurich has […]

The Truth about Generation X and Y

Tim Hewson, National Partnership Manager, ING Direct presents “The truth about Gen X and Gen Y” Download the PDF Version : [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#e96656″ icon=”icon: file”]Download[/su_button]   Hello everybody and welcome to today’s technology collective webinar “The truth about Generation X & Y” by Tim Huston from ING Direct. Thanks for joining us today and now […]

PKC – Introducing Pinebridge Investments

An introduction to Pinebridge’s investment strategy, in essence, a global dynamic asset allocation fund. Michael: Some of you may be aware of Pinebridge and our investment capabilities and others this may be their first time introductions. So the purpose from my side today is to essentially cover off who is Pinebridge and what are our […]

PHAROS Economic Forum – May 2016

Intro       PHAROS ECONOMIC FORUM Speaker 1: Welcome to the May Economic Market Forums. I’ll hand it over to Peter our chair in just a moment to introduce the speakers. Peter: Morning all. Today the first speaker we have is Olivia Ingel who’s the managing director and head of active quantitative equity for […]