Month: December 2015

Luminous Tips & Tricks – December 2015

Join Rob from Wealth Portal as we go through tips & tricks of using Luminous.    Rob:    Hi everyone thank you all for joining me today on this tips and tricks. I’ll be going through Luminos, the new reskinned wealth portal and I’ve used it to differentiate from the previous login but it is the new […]

Proactive Portfolio’s Update – December 2015

Join the PHAROS Investment Committee as we go through the Proactive Portfolio’s Update.      Bethany:         Today’s webinar is the Proactive Portfolios Update presented to us by James Purvis of the investment committee James: Hello everyone, good to have you on the call. This is an update on proactive portfolios and the agenda I’m going […]

Business Profit Drivers – November 2015

Join Stephen Prenderville of Forte Asset Management as we talk about Business Profit Drivers.    Bethany:         Hello everybody and welcome to today’s PHAROS Knowledge Collective Webinar, Business Profit Drivers presented by Stephen Prenderville of Forte Asset Management. Stephen:         Thanks Bethany. For those of you who don’t know me I’m the director of Forte Asset Solutions and […]